Each open target /organization have to publish the following topics using the same format (templates): 

1) Target and the way of measure it, 2) Initial founder members, 3) Organizations that join it,  4) The way that targets will generate value, the starting point and the current level of value generation, 5)Past activities, achievements and costs, 6) Current activities, expected achievements and costs, 7) List of all people/ organizations that have performed tasks or given any contribution and payments received, 8) If apply, the list of fixed roles and people in charge, 9) If apply, clarify the modification that were done to the opencompany standard agreement.  

Good Market / Target: increase members

Regarding that our organization aims to increase common wellbeing as a main objective, the open target is measured as the quantity of members and the volume of sales of our members within the GoodMarket platform marketplace. We currently receive xUS$ monthly, and with xxxUS$ we should be able to start paying back according to opencompany rules. The activities that have been performed are app programing, translation to different languages, and bringing new members (including the explanatory course on how we work).

Good Market is a curated platform that makes it easier to find and connect with social enterprises, responsible businesses, and changemakers who are creating a better world.

Good Market is a curated platform that makes it easier to find and connect with social enterprises, responsible businesses, and changemakers who are creating a better world.

Municipality / Target: Decrease of organic garbage waste

A group of students from one school proposed us to open this target. We will start publishing the quantity of garbage we pick up and all the related costs. The students and the community in general will propose tasks in opencompany app and, we expect find smart ways to collect and to sell the organic waste in order to produce industrial composts at many farmers places. We expect that the total garbage amount will decrease because it will not include organic waste, and  all savings achieved and sales revenue from organic waste will be used to pay all tasks performed. 

Municipality of Name City Model

Traditional Business / Target: improve community space and service

I am the owner of a coffee shop since three years. My highest monthly income was 3000 US$, (close to 1000 coffees sold). I decided to open my activities, month revenues, costs and incomes according to opencompany templates. My installed capacity would allow a monthly production of more than 10,000 coffees, which the price of coffee could drop in approximately 70% if sales increase. But most important is that people could propose any kind of activities or works that would convert this please to a community please. Music or artist center. One person could organize a delivery system. After the limit of 3000 US$ monthly income, we start paying works and contribution according to opencompany rules. If we generate surpluses, we keep a personal customer account and for all of those who bought during that month we assign money proportionality.

Coffee Shop Name Top Place

Gosh Community / Target: improve water quality measurement technology for the lower cost as possible

We are a group of three scientists who have developed a new and cheaper technique to measure water quality. We evaluate our done work in 100 hours. We open this target registering a total investment value of US $ 30,000 (10,000 each).  We have the blue print,  production definition and all needed specifications. We look for production companies all over the world that would be willing to produce this product according to opencompany rules. As founders of this open target we aim to performance a permanent supervision to all producers. We will publish according to opencompany templates all costs and revenues for all producers. We have to ensure a great performance of all producers and customer satisfaction. Each producer have to define a limit on profit according opencompany templates and pay us a 5% over sales fee. We also define our highest wage per each working hour will be 100 US$ , but according to these procedures the whole community can judge our tasks contribution according to the results and productivity shown under opencompany standard forms. 

Open project water quality measurement